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We dared to dream…

We decided to stop letting everybody else tell us where to go and what to do, so we decided to do something different.
5 years, no debt, and an adventure van later, we’re living the best possible version of our life in this very moment.
We believe in it, and we want to help you.



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Matt, Tucker (14), Tasher (12), and Casey Ruthardt

Matt, Tucker (14), Tasher (12), and Casey Ruthardt

Meet the Ruthardts

We are a family of 4 living our best life, fulfilling our dreams to travel full-time all over the country. Whether it’s hiking, biking, skating, paddle boarding, camping, or exploring, we’re doing it all together as a family! We are learning every single day and loving every moment along the way! 

How is it possible to travel full-time?

We made a choice to do things different five years ago. This is when this journey truly began. We desired something different – to be debt free and to have more freedom with our lives and more time together as a family. We were tired of living our lives like everyone else. So we changed everything! We decided to build our own custom built tiny house on 8 acres. We had a DREAM, we made a PLAN, and turned that dream into a REALITY. 

We built the perfect little house and loved the journey doing it. So many memories made that will truly last us a lifetime! But deep in our hearts this amazing accomplishment made our hearts desire more. We have always loved adventure and the desire to travel started to burn in our hearts! The desire to seek adventure every day, to be together more as a family, to be in the mountains, to see the ocean, and to not wait till we were old and our kids were gone to do it – we wanted to do it NOW! So we now had a new dream, and put together a new plan. We made so many sacrifices, we sold that beautiful homestead, and everything else we owned. We bought a camper and built our own adventure van and set out on an adventure of a lifetime! 

Now we’re making so many memories, seeking adventure and happiness every single day, living our best life and sharing our passion and love for adventure along the way on facebook, instagram, and YouTube! We want to inspire others to chase their dreams and live their BEST life too!!! 

We are so grateful for the desire that God gave us in our hearts to live this life! We truly feel like building that tiny house was a huge stepping stone to get us to where we are now - stepping out of our comfort zones, having financial freedom, living simple and learning more every single day!

We love this life so much and have no plans of stopping any time soon! 




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